New site NOTATION This site will not be updated as much anymore because I'm moving on over to where all the new stuff will be. You can still see some of the older projects here but I hope you will check out the new stuff

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LIVE VISUALS Here are some pictures from the visuals that I made for the piece NOX TENEBRAE by Nicolaj Abrahamsen for electric guitar and electrified string quartet. It was performed at the festival G((o))ng Tomorrow in Copenhagen.      

BUSINESS CARD I made this card for my good friend and and over all nice person mr. Jeppe Skjold. It was printed by the amazing people at Stumptown Printers. The card is printed on a "classic linen patriot blue" paper with silver ink.  

Jazz live Denmark Award I just finished this award and it was given to the winner last monday at the Danish Jazz Music Awards. It's a price given to the best venue voted by audience and musicians. I will put some more pictures of the project